Qibaab Nuraniyya–Spaces of Barakat, Joy and Introspection

Shk Huzaifa Tawawalla

Whoever remembers Allah Ta’ala by repeatedly calling out to him in perpetual tasbih will no doubt be rewarded in this world.

For Allah Ta’ala is not detached from those who keep His remembrance alive in their hearts.

In this finite world, humans can only become everlasting if their hearts are occupied in remembering their Creator.

Whoever toils in dedicating their lives to their Creator’s worship will be rewarded by people visiting their graves and bowing their heads there in respect.

The Awliya (Chosen/Beloved) of Allah live on in their tombs and respond to those who call out to them.

The virtues of a single Wali (s. of Awliya) cannot be documented in entirety even if angels were to try and do so on the vast, celestial orbits.

These timeless verses of al-Hadd al-Allama Syedi Sadiqali Saheb QR never fail to move a listener or reader. Perhaps this is because they convey the emotions that Mumineen hold in their hearts for Awliya Allah AS–emotions they might not have been able to express for those held dear in their hearts. These bonds of mohabbat and love lead them to constantly remember Allah Ta’ala by recounting the virtues of those who dedicated their lives to Him. As a profound expression of their love, Mumineen visit the mazaarat muqaddasa (mausoleum complexes) of Hudaat Kiraam AS and seek sanctuary for body and soul in their tranquil shade. Mumineen rely on them with conviction for their needs, especially in times of hardship and distress.

To commemorate the divine distinctions associated with these qubab nuraniyya (radiant mausoleums), RadiantArts–as a tribute to these sacred structures and their timeless grandeur, the sanctuary they bestow during the pandemic and the longing we harbour for their ziyarat (ritual visitation)–introduces a series of articles that celebrate these qibaab nuraniyya in zikr and remembrance of Allah Subhanahu and highlight aspects of their physical and spiritual beauty. Alluding to their many virtues, monthly posts will feature historical material about a featured qubba mubaraka, along with a sketch of the akhbar nuraniyya of the Wali laid to rest within. This will be followed by an article that attempts to appreciate architectural or design aspects of that featured qubba mubaraka. The goal, in our humble capacity, is to highlight its motifs and decorative elements, illustrate its grace and grandeur, and draw attention to treasure-troves of beauty right before our eyes that, perhaps, remain underappreciated.

Our journey of appreciation begins in Surat with Qubba Izziyya. This seems particularly apt because the month of Zil Hijja is graced by the birth of the 45th Dai Mutlaq, al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Tayyib Zainuddin RA, on the sixteenth. It was he who ordered the construction of Qubba Izziyya in memory of his predecessor and younger brother, al-Dai al- Ajal Syedna Mohammed Izzuddin RA. Destiny would have Syedna Zainuddin RA laid to rest adjacent to Syedna Izzuddin RA in the very mausoleum he had himself constructed. The 27th of Zil Hijja also sees the urus mubarak of the 49th Dai Mutlaq, al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA, who is also buried in the precincts of this Qubba Sharifah.

We are excited to set forth on this explorative, educative journey with you, our readers, and look forward to your feedback in the future.