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The Art of Composing & Decorating Calligraphy ( Khat al Arabi)

Art Introduction : The art of Arabic Calligraphy is beauty personified with the curves of letter formations, symmetry and visual aesthetic. Arabic letterings and script create the perfect balance with their dots, points, edges, and curves which makes up for the best component for a design. It becomes enhanced and impressively eye pleasing when it is moulded in a thematic shape and decorated with florals, this is the ℎ with small shapes, marks, designs and motifs. Decorative Calligraphy elevates the look of Calligraphy lending more character to the written subject. Highly used in tazyeen, stage backdrops, logos, wedding calligraphy and book titles.Artist Introduction: The artist- Taher Shabbir bhai Jamali, an Arabic Calligraphy Artist from Bangalore, has been practising calligraphy since the past 6 years, he has learnt his basics from the master calligrapers of AlJamea tus Saifiyah. He enjoys composing innovative artworks in different shapes and formats. His distinctive style is working with florals to add more character to the calligraphy
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Watercolour Bird Painting

Artist and Art: Fatima ben, an artist from Houston, started her journey with art young. She has been an art teacher who enjoyed painting murals and teching aides.After exploring a variety of medium, she found her niche in Watercolor. The loose qualities of watercolors, the natural, inherent luminescence caused by the transparency of the medium on white paper and the unexpected results are what makes her so drawn to the medium.Objective of the workshop: Learn to paint this beautiful Watercolour bird from scratch. (Basic sketch the bird to be provided)Materials Required1. Watercolour papers 9 x 12 inch, quantity: 4-5 1. Watercolour tubes or pans 2. Palette 3. Watercolor brushes Round size 6 , 8 Size 0,1 and 2 for details 4. White bleed proof ink for highlights Substitute for white ink White gouache or Thin white gel/marker/paint pen 5. Paper towels 6. Water jar 7. Pencil 8. EraserTime: 4:30 pm Duration: 2 hours Fees: ₹1850 Eligibility criteria: Age 12years+ No art background or watercolour knowledge required.
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