Sculpture Painting


Sculptures are one of the oldest visual art forms in existence. Sculpture painting is done by using various colorful binded paste and strategically placing it on the canvas to create a 3 dimensional piece of art.

Sculpture painting is a Russian Art created using tinted plasters. In this form of painting, different sizes of palette knives are used with plasters of different colours to create various motifs. The common motifs are flowers.
Learning to wield a palette knife smoothly on the coloured plaster to create a beautifully shaped painting is the crux of this art form.

Artist :
This workshop will be conducted by Ummehani Kapadia ( A visual artist, graphic designer and a sculpture painting artist based in Mumbai who has completed her studies in Cairo, Egypt in the faculty of Arts and Design and now has been practicing art since several years.

In this 5 hour workshop you will learn the basic techniques of sculpture painting, the formation of each petal in a proper way. At the end of the session the participants will sculpt a beautiful single rose and some leaves to create a lovely elegant frame that can be used as a decorative piece.

Date: 4th and 5th December 2021
Time: 2:30-5:30 PM (Saturday)
3:00-5:00 PM (Sunday)

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Supplies :
* You will require:
* 2 palette knives.
* A plastic palette working board.
* 2 or 3 coloured plasters of your choice to create the background, the rose and the leaves.
* 1 white plaster
* A small canvas or wooden base 10 x 10 inches or 12 x 12 inches.

All these materials you can easily find it @deean_arts_supplytstation or you can even find the plasters on Amazon with the brand name
“Itsy Bitsy – Little Birdie”.

Kindly Note:
1. This workshop will be held on Zoom on the mentioned IST time
2. The pictures shared are original work of the artist and are shared for the reference of this workshop.
3. The material provided and resources shared related to this workshop are meant only for the participant. The class cannot be viewed by anyone else.
4. Resources, if any, to the workshop will be shared only after the registration is completed
5. There shall be no refund in case the participant is unable to attend the workshop. They can access the recorded version of the workshop in this case.
Full refund shall be made if the workshop gets cancelled by Radiant Arts
6. All our workshops are available as recording if you cannot make it to the live workshop due to prior commitments or time zone differences. Please write us an e-mail at
Recordings will only be provided if you inform us before the workshop. You can not attend the live workshop if you have signed up for the recorded version.

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