Persian Illumination Workshop


Persian Illumination (Tezhip)

Tezhip, also known as Persian Illumination, is a traditional form of Islamic art that involves the intricate embellishment of various surfaces with vibrant and detailed designs. Originating from the Persian region, tezhip has a rich history dating back several centuries.
Tezhip holds significant cultural and religious importance in Persian and Islamic societies. It is commonly used to adorn religious texts like the Quran, prayer books, as well as official documents and royal decrees. The art form showcases the craftsmanship and creativity of the artists while reflecting the spiritual and aesthetic values of Persian culture.
In recent years, tezhip has experienced a revival and gained international recognition as a valuable art form. Contemporary artists continue to practice tezhip, exploring new materials and techniques to innovate within the tradition. Tezhip’s captivating beauty and intricate details continue to enchant viewers, making it an enduring symbol of Persian art and aesthetics.


Artist Introduction:
Art was never created in isolation, this is Mariyah’s motto, the artist behind the page Mariyah Farooqui art.

Finding beauty in traditional arts, she has created a niche wherein she assimilates various traditional art forms to create contemporary works of art.
She is an avid student and practitioner of Persian Illumination, Kirigami, Sacred geometry and Arabic Calligraphy. She is self taught as well as has had the opportunity to study under various masters across the world.

Her art draws on the spiritual and aesthetic aspects of art. This interconnection, a creative correspondence between humanity and divinity, helps her combine various art forms together to create and express traditional art in a contemporary way that is centered around balance and symmetry and is both unique and relatable.

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Objective of the Workshop:
To learn the techniques involved in Persian Illumination. The workshop will cover pen pressure control, basic floral elements and composition techniques.

End of the workshop participants will be able to:
create their own works of art both in the repetitive and non repetitive format using the techniques and elements taught during the workshop.

Date: 17, 18th & 24, 25th June, 2023
Time: 4:00-6:00 PM
Duration: 2 hours per session. 8 hours total.
Fees: 3999/- participant.

Topics covered:
1. Pen Pressure Control
2. Leaves (Basic)
3. Flowers (Basic)
4. Composition (non repetitive)
5. Composition (Repetitive)

Art Material Required

1. Tracing Sheets- a4 size
2. Watercolour sheet-a4 size
3. Gouache paints(recommended)
Alternative – Poster/watercolour/acrylic paints
4. Mini detailer brushes or any brush lower than size 000
Recommended: Mont Marte mini detailer brush set
5. Gold- Poster paint
Recommended brand- Pentel or Sakura Poster gold.
6. Paper (Regular)
7. Pencil – 0.5mm Mechanical pencil with 2B lead

Practice Sheets that are to be mailed out to the participants will be sent to you by the 16th of June, 2023.

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