Master class on drawing Fatimid Shubbaks


Islamic geometric patterns are one of the major forms of Islamic ornamentation that are often built on combinations of repeated triangles, squares and circles, which may be overlapped and interlaced, to form intricate and complex patterns.

These may constitute the entire decoration, may form a framework for floral or calligraphic embellishments, or may retreat into the background around other motifs.

The Fatimid dynasty developed a distinctive visual language, prominently displaying their doctrines. The role and significance of the Fatimid Imams were reflected in their architecture and artistic products. Hence considered the golden era of Islamic Art.

Workshop Objective:
-Understand the geometry of Fatimid Shubbaks.
-Know the symbolism and the terminology of geometry in Fatimid art and architecture.
-In this workshop you will be able to draw from scratch some Fatimid Shubbak/ lattice/ grill pattern belonging to 6 fold geometric. The underlying laying grid and its geometric construction.
-Understand the use of similar patterns with different variations throughout the Fatimid Art
You will also learn the role of grids in Islamic geometric design as it an essential part which will be broken down in the workshop.
-By the end of this session you will be able to understand how Islamic geometric patterns are constructed.
– At the end of the workshop you will have a neatly drafted pattern handmade by you with live guidance and feedback from the instructor.

Artist Introduction:
Alefiya is a Traditional Islamic Artist. She holds a degree in fine arts and post graduation diploma in traditional Islamic arts securing 1st position in both programs.
A participant in multiple international exhibitions and workshops she finds sharing her knowledge of Islamic Art a fuel for her creativity.
As an artist Alefiya’s main subject of interests are Islamic geometry, Islamic illumination manuscripts and miniature paintings that she has been mastering since years.
• MATERIAL REQUIRED FOR THE COURSE (alternative available at home can be used) ‘This list is as sample’

1. Cartridge paper 4, size A4 or A3
2. Tracing paper 4-6, A4 or A3
3. Compass set
4. Masking tape
5. Pencils (H, HB, B)
6. Eraser
7. Ruler
8. Color pencils

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