Knife Painting Workshop


Art form:

A palette knife is a blunt tool used for mixing or applying paint, with a flexible steel blade. It is primarily used for applying paint to the canvas, mixing paint colors, adding texture to the painted surface with movement of the hands.
Mastering this skill allows us to give a different look under different light to the painting. Adding dimension to the paintings makes it interesting, engaging and helps us achieve different illusions to enhance the artwork.

Duration of the workshop
2.5 hours

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About the Artist:
Inquisitiveness and observation since childhood have paved the way for Nafisa ben for learning art through formal and informal education under the guidance of qualified artists like Ramesh Panchpande and Vilas Balel. She is an MSc in Textile and fashion technology and Diploma in computer aided designing.

Workshop objective:
To understand the basics of textures and hand movements to achieve strokes that helps with a creative illusion of dimension.

Materials required:
Acrylic TUBE colors
Palette knife – Knife labelled 1 & 2 from the image attached
Canvas – 2 ( size 12″ or smaller)
Brushes: Size small to medium

Kindly Note:
1. This workshop will be held on Zoom on the mentioned IST time
2. The pictures shared are original work of the artist and are shared for the reference of this workshop. The end result of the workshop may or not be completely similar to the pictures shared.
3. Depending on the time constraints and one’s appetite the artwork might not get completed by the participants at the end of the workshop. However, the artist will complete their demonstration/s.
4. The material provided and resources shared related to this workshop are meant only for the participant. The class cannot be viewed by anyone else.
5. Resources will be shared only after the registration is completed
6. Recorded versions can be bought at the same price as the workshop. Recording will be viewable for 1 week from the time you buy.
7. No refund shall be provided after registration is completed. However to accommodate any emergency, we can send you the recorded workshop link.

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