Islamic Art Workshop (22nd May 2021)


Ismalic Art of illumination is a 13th century art form which originated in Persia and incorporates the heavy use of gold along with arabesque and floral elements to represent nature in a divine form. The basis of which lies in balance and symmetry.

Illumination meaning light, Uses gold highlights for decorative painting of motifs traditionally used to decorate the pages of Quran. Later on, “Art of The Book” extended to embellishing other books of literature.
Collection and gifting of such books eventually became a status symbol owing to the valuable art of Illumination.

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Our Artist:
Alefiya Abbas Ali
Alefiya Traditional Islamic Artist. She holds a degree in fine arts with distinction. Her major subjects were traditional printmaking and Mughal miniature painting. After her graduation in 2012 she participated in many exhibitions and workshops.
Traditionalist to the core.
Her passion to learn more about traditional Islamic arts- Geometry, Ancient Islamic manuscripts, Miniature painting and Illumination brought her to VM Center of Traditional arts(Karachi centre of Prince’s School of Art, London) She secured 1st position in the program.

Alefiya believes that her skills and creativity got a golden touch of knowledge and understanding
of Traditional Islamic art. Her art is inspired by intricate designs of ancient Islamic manuscripts and miniature paintings.

Alefiya practices traditional methods. From creating her own paints from natural pigments extracted from minerals, rock, plants and animals to making pure shell gold.

She aims to revive the traditional Islamic arts so they can be recognised, glorified and celebrated today, as they were in the past.

In this One day Master class learn to paint the basics of Khatai motif and a walk through the traditional painting process of Ancient Islamic Illumination Art.

2 hours

Materials Required:
Pattern printout ( provided )
Tracing paper (design should be traced before class with a HB or B pencil)
A metal spoon or burnisher
Pencils (H, HB, 2B)
Masking tape
Gouache paints -Gold and White (can use poster colors if gouache is not available)
Water colors (cakes or tubes)
Black ink
Round Brushes ( fine pointed brushes size 00, 0, 1, 2)
Color palette or ceramic plate or sea shells for mixing colors.
Thick smooth finish paper (preferably hot press smooth arches, daler rowny or Fabriano.)
Water container

Please Note:
Any participant wanting to register should be 15years+

-Shall complete the tracing assignment of motif that will be provided before the workshop once the participant is registered .

– No prior knowledge or a background in Art is required.

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