Flowers of the East


Biomorphic art is one of the three main forms in Islamic art, the others being calligraphy and geometry.
Biomorphic patterns vary greatly, and their application can be found in various crafts and architectural designs.
The popularity of floral motifs was because traditionally, living creatures and humans were not supposed to be depicted in Islamic art. Therefore, the plant kingdom provided subjects that were non-controversial and capable of stylization.
We find the traditional floral pattern carved on the textiles, ceramics, manuscripts, on the interiors and facades of famous architectural monuments ie. Madrasa, Masajids and tombs all over the islamic lands. However in Persia and central Asia the floral designs reached its Zenith especially in the Mughal era.
These floral motifs are inspired by nature and drawn with perfection using simples geometry with the help of compass and ruler.

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Artist Introduction:
Alefiya is a Traditional Islamic Artist. She holds a degree in fine arts and post graduation diploma in traditional Islamic arts securing 1st position in both programs.
A participant in multiple international exhibitions and workshops she finds sharing her knowledge of Islamic Art a fuel for her creativity.
As an artist Alefiya’s main subject of interests are Islamic geometry, Islamic illumination manuscripts and miniature paintings that she has been mastering since years.

Objective of the Workshop:
End of the workshop participants will be able to:

-learn to draw flowers and floral pattern of islamic art and architecture of Eastern lands. Learn there symmetries and how they are constructed using compass amd ruler.
– you will learn the role of geometric grids in Islamic floral designs as it is an essential part of Islamic Design.
– At the end of the workshop you will have variety of neatly drafted flowers (from Islamic Art and architecture of Eastern land specifically south asian) handmade by you with live guidance and feedback from the instructor.

Date: 8th and 9th July
Time: 3:00 to 5:00 pm
Duration: 2 hours
Investment: ₹1999


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