Cursive Writing Kids Workshop


Cursive writing is the style of writing in a connected manner where the letters give a cohertent flowing effect. The most widely used form of writing because of its flow and ease in writing that saves time instead of breaking the flow of writing after each letter.

The actual word ‘cursive’ comes from the Middle French word ‘cursif’, which comes from the Medieval Latin word ‘cursivus’ which means ‘running’. This makes sense as your pen is literally running along the page without breaking.

Learning cursive not only improves retention and comprehension, it engages the brain on a deep level as students learn to join letters in a continuous flow. It  enhances fine motor dexterity and gives children a better idea of how letters work in combination. Joined-up handwriting develops motor skills and pen control. You can also recognise letters quicker by learning cursive. When you teach cursive handwriting, you’re practising important muscle movements. These are needed for manual dexterity. Being able to complete fine motor movements will also contribute to children’s hand-eye coordination. This is the reason of introducing cursive writing to children at a young age.

Good cursive hand gives a child the confidence to be able to write to express confidently and clearly. It gives a neat look to their assignments and helps in better assessment or future reference of notes. Later, in life although with the presence of keyboards, good handwriting is an impressive skill to have.

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Objective of the Workshop:

Teach participants the formation of each letter in cursive,

Connection of letters to form neat words to write fluently.

Have a ready guidebook to keep practicing the art of good handwriting after the workshop. The guidebook will be provided to all the participants enrolled for the workshop.


Artist Introduction:

Fatema Penwala is a calligraphy and Illustration artist. She has been practicing Calligraphy-the art of writing since eight years and has taught multiple brush lettering and calligraphy workshops. She runs her own personalised stationery business by the name-‘Kalamkary’ where she uses the art of writing extensively.


Material Required:


4 lined notebook

Print out of the guidebook (will be sent on mail post registration)


Fees: ₹1200

Date: 20th, 21st May 2023 (Sat, Sun)

Time: 4:00-6:00 P.M

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