Acrylics Intermediate level Workshop


Art form:

Acrylic painting is an art style that is created using synthetic acrylic resins. Acrylics dry rapidly and give the visual impression of both watercolour and oil colours. The advantages of working with acrylics versus other media types is that they are fast-drying, easy to clean up, have low odor, and are heavily pigmented, meaning the colors can be very bold and vibrant.

Unlike oils, you can continue to paint over the dried areas and not see any mistakes, hence it’s a very appealing medium for beginners.

Date: 22nd January, Saturday

Time: 3:30- 6:00 P.M.

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About the Artist:
Fatema is an artist from Mumbai and the subject that intrigues her the most is real life forms that exist around us because it is the birth place of every other artistic exploration and possibility.
She has studied English Literature and Psychology from St. Xaviers College, Mumbai. As an artist, she is largely self taught but has also done a short course in Portrait Painting from Sir JJ school of Arts, Mumbai. She is pursuing art practices like acrylic painting, oil painting full time.
The quality most appealing to her about acrylics is the medium’s nature to be fearless.

Workshop objective:
In this 3 hours workshop the artist will guide the students on how to mix colours, how to lay strokes on canvas, how to plan and execute an idea, acrylic techniques.
The participants at the end of this workshop will have a painted piece of ‘breakfast plate’ and the knowledge to paint a piece using acrylics.

Materials required:
1. Round Canvas – 10”
or Thick paper <200gsm (A3)
2. Acrylic paints
White, Prussia blue, cobalt blue, vermilion red, crimson red, lime yellow, chrome yellow. (It’s preferable if they have a whole set of 12 or more colours)
3. Brushes
Flat – 10, 8, 4
Round – 6, 4, 2, 0
(Pony hair/ watercolour brushes won’t do)
4. Water bowl
5. Rag
6. Palette

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