Acrylic Cloudscape Workshop


By Jumana Qayyumi

Learn to paint beautiful skyscapes capturing dramatic clouds with the basics of colour mixing and composition of the frame taught to you.

The artist with their experience of more than ten years will teach you tips and tricks they’ve picked along the way to help you create skyscape masterpieces.

Workshop course:
This workshop will cover breakdown of different styles of sky along with a demonstration of how to paint them. With step by step guidance from our instructor participants will have painted a cloudscape masterpiece at the end of the workshop.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Date: 6th June 2021
Time: 11:00 am to 1:30 pm IST
Via: Zoom

The artist:
Jumana Qayyumi, an artist and mother of two adorable children graduated as a textile designer from Sir J.J School of arts (Mumbai) in 2010 where she stood first in Mumbai University and was affiliated by chancellor

I am a versatile artist who likes to work with various mediums like Oil, Acrylic, textile and Watercolours.

Her subject is nature’s lush landscapes that she tries to bring out in her realistic paintings. According to her it is a depiction of her own moods from the beauty of nature.

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Material List
Stretched canvas or canvas board size around A4 or Watercolor paper (300gsm or higher)
Extra papers/canvas for practise/ swatches/roughwork

Acrylic colours:-
Titanium White
Cobalt blue
Crimson lake
Cadmium Red
Permanent Yellow
Lemon Yellow
Ultrmarine blue
Burnt seinna
Sap green

These colours are all readily available in any basic acrylic pack

Flat brush no 6
Flat brush no 8
Flat/Filbert brush no 2
Round brush no 0

-Rags/ tissues( to wipe brushes)/
Water containers

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