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Kiyaara by RadiantArts is the first collection of patterns born out of digital adaptations from the works of artist Zaenab J Imaduddin called Shajaratul Hayat- The Tree of Life.

Art and design promote culture, and culture promotes values. With our range of premium products, Kiyaara by RadiantArts intends to offer luxury with functionality. It is an effort to pave the way for preserving our rich design heritage, as it adds character and distinctiveness to our community and provides a sense of identity.

Kiyaara is a limited edition of floral prints created in-house by our expert team. We have picked a single flower with its leaves or a bunch of flowers with leaves from the mother pattern and rearranged them to form a new, vivid, and visually engaging pattern. Kiyaara means ‘a field of flowers’, thus giving birth to a lush garden of carefully curated limited edition collectables.

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