Kiyaara Handkerchiefs


Size: 20 x 20 Inch

Kerchiefs from Kiyaara By RadiantArts.

Our immediate thought when the kerchiefs first arrived from production was that they would make for really unique Talaqqi Rumaals ! Coincidentally, we then had patrons who bought the Rumaals with the same neeyat, to gift their loved ones for silat round the year 🎁😇

These silk handkerchiefs also make for a pretty accessory for your bags. Tell us how else you would use them ☺️

Kiyaara by RadiantArts is a limited edition of floral prints created in-house by our expert team. We have picked a single flower with its leaves or a bunch of flowers with leaves from the mother pattern and rearranged them to form a new, vivid, and visually engaging pattern.

Kiyaara means ‘a field of flowers’, thus giving birth to a lush garden of carefully curated limited edition collectibles.

By transforming art into functional products, RadiantArts strives to bring its unique collections into the hearts and homes of art enthusiasts and design connoisseurs worldwide.


Blue, Pink, Teal, Turquoise, White

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