JFRA 5 Jame al Lulua


The 16th Fatimi Imam-caliph, Maulana al-Hakim bi Amrillah SA used to frequent a particular location at the base of the Muqattam hills for seclusion, introspection and prayer. A masjid was then constructed at this revered site, portions of which survived in a dilapidated state until His Holiness Dr Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA reconstructed and inaugurated it in 1416/1995. The masjid, though compact, is exquisite and unique, boasting not just a customary mihrab or prayer niche on its ground floor but also on the two storeys above it. A sanctuary for the soul, the masjid is renowned for being a sacred space where prayers are heard and wishes granted.
On the eve of the masjid’s inauguration, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA stated:
“Aa Jami Lulu’ah ma sajda daiy nei dua kidi, jei dua mustajab thawa ni jaga che. Mei bhi mustajib chu, Da’i chu, Khuda Ta’ala mari dua suni lejo”
(I have prostrated before Allah and supplicated Him in this masjid, al-Lulu’ah, where prayers are answered. I have answered Allah Ta’ala’s Call and call towards Him and supplicate Him. May He heed my supplications!)
A contemplative viewing this masjid in all its glory and thinking about what its stands for have the potential to inspire introspection. The fruits of such self-reflection might fashion a moment where our hearts voice a silent prayer not just for ourselves but for all those who have devoted their lives to their Creator and try to follow His path.


30 x 37 inches

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