My snowscapes of Kashmir titled
‘Firdaus bar ru-yi Zamīn’ depict the majesty of the snow clad mountains of Gulmarg. Verdant fir trees, dusted with white powder glistening with the different hues of the mountain sky, stand out upon the canvas. Together, with the rising mountain peaks and the seemingly infinite firmament beyond, the vistas truly feel like a paradise on earth. .

I re-create semi-abstract impressions of what my eyes witness. I use the term re-create with the firm belief that the beauty inherent to such landscapes is by virtue of their creation at the hands of the Almighty. I am simply re-creating them on a canvas in a humble, yet artistic, manner of emulation. For the main compositions, relying on vivid memories as well as my own photos, I indulge in some artistic liberty with the placement of the flora and the use of colors. .

In some of my works, I make use of heavy gels and acrylics to create thick textures on the mountain’s surfaces to signify their solidity, the solidity of existence. These massive monuments, their beauty and breath-taking majesty, are testament that the Almighty has created everything with a purpose: “Our Lord! Thou created not this in vain. Glory be to Thee (Quran 3:191).”
The use of Japanese watercolours in composing the fir trees compliments the heavy acrylics by adding an air of lightness. It also, simultaneously, contrasts with the heavy mass of the mountains alluding subtly to the notion of seeking spiritual enlightenment and loftiness while ridding oneself of the burdens of the corporal, material world. It is in this state of unburdened spirituality where happiness is found, nay, happiness reigns.

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