INĀSH Series / 1


Meandering down the streets of Cairo, eyes cannot escape the grandeur of the 10th century Fatemi edifices standing tall on al Moiz le Deenillah Street (al-Qaaherah al-Moizziyah) and the architectural motifs laced with ArabicKufic inscriptions from the Quran. Ears pick up the bustle of the markets of Khan al-Khalili and the hanging ornate brass and trinkets with traditional Arabic calligraphy that move gently in the warm breeze. Hands yearn to touch the textured stained glass arabesque designs on bottles, wall plates and glasses. The waft of ‘qahwah masreeyah’(Arabic coffee) and the fragrant smoke from the mabkhara ( incense) intoxicate.

Bringing these sights to life by daubing the canvas with vibrant acrylics in an abstract manner; graphically infused with traditional arabesque and motifs inspired from Fatimi and Arabic art and architecture.

INASH revives the senses by transporting one to the wonderful world of Nostalgia.

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