Learning Khat-al-Naskh (Intermediate level)


Naskh is a smaller, round script of Islamic calligraphy. Naskh is one of the first scripts of Islamic calligraphy to develop, commonly used in writing administrative documents and for transcribing books, including the Qur’an, because of its easy legibility.

In this 2 days workshop we will learn the art from scratch to gain valuable insights to write a whole passage by yourself.

Instructor: Shk Moiz Janab Nagpurwala, a revered Arabic Calligraphy artist and teacher who has been working on esteemed Calligraphy projects since years. With his designs used in tazyeen, official documents, books and scriptures he will help beginners make a head start with Khat-al-Naskh

Date and Time:
30th October- 3:30-5:30 PM
31st October- 3:30- 4:30 PM

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Workshop Details:
Day 1:
History, characteristics, usage of Naskh.
Introduction to Pen and correct writing method along with other etiquettes
Demonstration and break down of writing a passage in khat-al-Naskh
Assignment of passage for practice and feedback

Day 2:
-Mention of outstanding work from submitted assignments
-Correcting common mistakes
-Addressing queries
– Instructions and tips

o 2 Pens (2mm and 1mm preferred)
o Good quality paper (glossy preferred) o Ink (any company and color)
o Ruler, pencil
o Set square (optional)

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