Leap of Faith


When the canvas wove its mysterious tales,
It left behind golden trails,
And the colours played a symphony of hues.

A Stallion galloped in,
Thundering off his powerful hoofs,
His eyes riveted on the finishing line.

Dark currents unforeseen,
Barged in unabashedly,
Opposites broke out into fury.

Fear against courage,
Doubt against faith,
Disloyalty against steadfastness.

Then the moon light streamed in,
It cast on the equine a heavenly glow,
Turning it into a twinkling star.

The dust settled,
disloyalty merged into steadfastness,
Fear became brave,
And doubt emerged as faith!

Inspired by the virtuous qualities of the horse, which is considered in Islamic lore as one of the noblest of creations, ‘Leap of faith,’ is a painting of a horse reflecting an indomitable spirit of a timeless dimension. With legs of courage and steadfastness, instead of blind competition, it treads the path of ‘inner truth’ reminding us that the race is never really with others but with our own selves.

All throughout history horses have been praised for their loyalty, steadfastness and dedication. ‘Leap of Faith’ is a painting that serves as a tribute to this majestic animal.

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